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Agricultural machinery – running a large farm is a real challenge for every farmer. Therefore, the use of agricultural machinery is an important convenience in running a business. Thanks to them, it is possible to start the process of agricultural production automation and significantly increase labor productivity. However, you should know what machines are best for your farm and what they are used for.

What are agricultural machines?

As the name suggests, agricultural machines are machines that are part of or separate from a farm tractor, the main purpose of which is to facilitate work on farms, especially those with large areas. Agricultural machines are an increasingly common form of facilitating the work of farmers on farms (i.e. in the fields) and are one of the most important criteria describing how modern agriculture is run.

There are many advantages to using agricultural machinery. They include:

  • Significant reduction of working time – The working time of the surveyed farmers was reduced by approx. 60-70% due to the use of agricultural machinery. Self-cultivating and harvesting or harvesting significantly increases the working time, and with the help of machines you can cultivate the land faster and more efficiently;
  • Greater comfort of work – Agricultural machines provide greater comfort when working on the farm. When the temperature is high, it is much better to drive a farm tractor in an air-conditioned room than to pack things by hand;
  • Versatility of agricultural machines – It is understood that agricultural machines are responsible not only for harvesting crops, but also for their fertilization, spraying, or, for example, in the case of cereals, separating grain from other undesirable parts. In addition to performing multiple tasks at the same time, the use of such machines also reduces the costs of agricultural activities (there is no need to hire additional workers to perform each activity separately).

What are the common agricultural machines?

Keep in mind that some agricultural machinery is designed to perform specific tasks on the farm. The most commonly used agricultural machines on farms include:

  1. Tractor – It is an agricultural machine that is an indispensable and extremely important element of every prosperous farm. These are motor vehicles used to move other agricultural machinery and equipment, which do not have their own engines at the same time. They are often used in agriculture due to the ability to move on almost any terrain, low pressure on the soil and universality of use;
  2. Harvester – This is the second very useful agricultural machine. They are suitable for fast and efficient grain mowing, threshing and transport of finished grain crops. They are mainly used for harvesting cereals and grains of wheat, rye, barley or oats;
  3. Agricultural Sprayers – These agricultural machines are similar in design to combine harvesters, but serve different purposes. Their main task is to spread pesticides or other plant protection products. Crop protection products use specially adapted nozzles to spray plants and grains against the effects of pests and various diseases that the plants may encounter;
  4. Fertilizer spreader – The last equally popular and often used device in farming is the fertilizer spreader. As the name suggests, their only mission is to distribute the fertilizer evenly and accurately over the designated area in order to speed up the process of growing and harvesting crops and cereals. Thanks to it, work is also faster and easier than self-fertilization.

What machines do farms need and what don’t?

Due to the large number of agricultural machines, it is extremely difficult to buy, maintain and store all possible agricultural machines. Therefore, it is worth determining which agricultural machines are needed on the farm and which are not easy to make. There is no denying that the machine needed on a farm is a tractor and a combine harvester. If you have a large farm where you grow any kind of grain, it will be very difficult to spread it and then collect, thresh and separate the grain from the unnecessary parts of the grain. Sprayers are also often useful on farms as it takes longer to spray and groom a given farm without using this tool.

On the other hand, more and more farms can easily do without equipment such as choppers and packers. These are very specialized agricultural machines for crushing and preparing plants for transport or wrapping hay bales from dried crops. In addition, when investing in agricultural machinery, it is also worth considering whether to buy a new machine or a used mobile phone. Due to the heavy harvesting effort, some of it must be new, but you can easily buy used machinery such as fertilizer spreaders and agricultural sprayers.

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