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Koszalin flatsWe are used to investing in real estate in the largest metropolises or typical tourist destinations. This time, let’s check what less typical locations have to offer. Koszalin is an old town in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Until 1998, it was the capital of the Koszalin Province. Today it is inhabited by about one hundred thousand inhabitants. The city is located several kilometers from the Polish coast, making it an ideal base for rest and recreation.

The increase in real estate prices, which we have observed in recent years across Poland, has not passed by Koszalin. Although it is a small city, the price of a square meter of an apartment in Koszalin here is almost 10% higher than a year ago. The reasons for this increase are similar to those in other cities. First of all, it is an increase in wages, and therefore also in the potential of potential buyers. Moreover, the costs of building materials and services have increased significantly in recent years. Due to the growing number of construction investments, manufacturers and suppliers of materials cannot keep up with the market demand, which also drives up prices. Another factor influencing the increase in prices, also in Koszalin, is the low profitability of bank deposits. Clients withdraw their capital and invest in real estate which has been considered a safe investment for years. Given the proximity of the Baltic coast, it is no wonder that real estate prices in the city are rising. According to conservative estimates, the average price per square meter of a flat in Koszalin is approximately PLN 4,700.00. It is still not the level observed in larger cities, incl. in Szczecin, however, the trend is clear. It is worth paying attention to this location to catch the rising wave.

The high demand for real estate means that the supply of apartments in Koszalin is constantly increasing. Recent years have seen a continuous increase in the offer on the market. At the same time, the average size of completed flats is falling. You can look for at least two reasons for this situation. Firstly, it has been more difficult to obtain a housing loan in recent years. Therefore, buyers are forced to buy properties with a smaller area. The second reason may be that many apartments are bought today with a view to renting them out, and smaller apartments in Szczecin find tenants more easily. Looking for real estate in Koszalinit is also worth taking a look at the surrounding towns. This is because many new apartments are built outside the city’s administrative borders. It is influenced, among others, by supply and price of land that can be allocated for development.

What are the advantages of Koszalin? The city is close to the coast for its size. Thanks to this, people who want to walk on the beach can jump to the Polish sea at any time. In addition, the city is located between two lakes, and there are several more in the area. Koszalin also has advantages common to all cities of this size. It does not overwhelm with skyscrapers stretching to the horizon, life here is calmer, and you do not feel like in an anthill. In addition, basically everywhere is close. This can be a nice change for people who have so far spent a few hours a day commuting to work.

As mentioned earlier, the prices of Koszalin real estate are still relatively low compared to the rest of the country. If we compare the prices of apartments in seaside towns and in Koszalin itself, we will see a significant difference. If we are looking for an investment opportunity for rent, it is worth considering buying a flat or a house in Koszalin in this city or neighborhood. This will allow us to flexibly adapt to the market situation. We will be able to decide whether the premises are intended for tourists, or it is better to rent it to one client for longer.

Checking the prices of flats offered in advertisements shows a wide spread. You can see here the possibility of choosing a real estate suitable for various needs and financial possibilities. We can buy a thirty-meter studio apartment for less than PLN 130,000. As usual in the case of small apartments, the price per square meter is then quite high. However, a two-room flat with an area between 40 and 50 m2 can change the owner for about PLN 160-170 thousand. It seems to be an attractive price, and one meter of such a flat will cost just over three thousand zlotys. For comparison, at the other end of the scale is a property with an area of ​​45m2. At a rate of over PLN 6.5 thousand per meter, the final price will be about PLN 300 thousand, which is almost twice as much as in the previous example. Obviously, such a significant price difference results from a different standard of finish and better location. It should be remembered that newly built buildings will be less energy-consuming and therefore cheaper to maintain.

So as you can see, smaller cities such as Koszalin can be an interesting proposition for people looking for a location for real estate investment. Probably the highest purchase prices are still ahead of us. Therefore, it is worth considering buying an apartment in Koszalin or another city of a similar size.


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