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Establishing a company with a tow truck rental

Many of us dream of being a boss for ourselves, having our own enterprise, and making decisions for ourselves when to work and how to work. No imposed sentence, no tasks dictated by someone. Everything seems beautiful, but in theory, because in practice it often happens that everything looks completely different. You are the boss, but you usually work more, harder, and you live under constant stress, because you are fully responsible for every little thing. Today we would like to take a closer look at the founding business of renting a tow truck. What to do to set up such a company? How Much Money Do You Need? What are the pros and cons?

Well, let’s start from the beginning. First, we need a good business plan to be able to put it into practice later. You cannot throw yourself into deep water without having been properly prepared for it in advance. We need to consider whether we have enough money to start a business or whether we have a suitable place. There are many aspects that must be taken into account in order to even think about this type of venture.

First, money

If our assumption is a company whose service is the rental of tow trucks in Szczecin ,at the beginning you need to have about PLN 30,000. This is the absolute minimum to be able to start anything. The second issue is to have a square of sufficient size, which must be in a town with a minimum population of about 3,000,000. If we have such a possibility, establishing such a company may become a reality. Having our own contribution, we don’t have to get into debt at the beginning. We invest our money in our own business and we hope that we will be successful. If we do not have such money, it is not necessary to immediately give up an idea that has a chance to stay in a given place. Banks offer very attractive loans that are aimed directly at young companies who are just starting their professional lives on their own. It’s good that there are such possibilities, but we should not immediately decide on the first better offer. Not every loan is equal, so before making a decision to take it, it is worth first comparing several offers, checking what banks can offer us and, consequently, betting on something that turns out to be the best and most profitable option for us.

Rent-tow truck as a way to do good business

When it comes to tow truck rentals, the market is still developing, there are still more points, but also the demand is growing. Nevertheless, this service option is relatively young, so if we have a good location, and we approach the subject of our business professionally, we do not have much competition, so we can really start our own business. Car rental must be a service in which the customer is the most important, and we, as owners, do everything to make the customer fully satisfied with us. Having such a company, you must realize that the most work will be in the fall and winter season. The change of weather to rainy and snow is decreasing, more breakdowns and accidents occur on the road. In such cases, the use of this type of service becomes more popular and we as owners have our hands full of work. The demand for this type of services is greater than the capabilities of the companies that offer them. So if we plan our market entry properly, we can earn really big money on it.

Rent a tow truck – the right place

Apart from money, the second, equally important, if not the most important thing is the location of our company’s square. The larger the agglomeration, the greater the profits and opportunities for good work. However, it is not always possible to find a large square in the center of a large city. So we keep looking, but preferably in a place where the town has over 3,000 inhabitants. There is a gas station in such a place, there are building depots and supermarkets. Renting a tow truck in such situations may also turn out to be a very good solution, thanks to which it will provide its services to residents, but also to people coming from further areas, within a given town. The better the place, the higher the profits are.

And of course, last but not least, the appropriate advertising must not be forgotten. It is the leverage of trade and thanks to it we have a chance to develop and reach wherever the chance for the company’s development is the greatest. Of course, advertising on the web is essential, but it is also good to be able to do it in a traditional way. Banners, flyers, posters. The more of us, the more visible our tow truck rental is. By doing nothing, our competition will eat us. And if we put as much into ourselves as possible, we will be able to see the results in a very short time. This is the most important thing when we want to be the boss for ourselves.



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