Each field of medicine deals with specific parts of the body. A neurologist deals with the broadly understood matters of the nervous system, a dentist with teeth and an ophthalmologist with the organ of sight. One of the specialists who is not so well known, but appreciated among a wide group of recipients, is a podiatrist. What is podiatry itself? It is a broadly understood term that includes various types of treatments and activities on the feet. It combines cosmetology, dermatology, orthopedics, as well as diabetology and surgery. One specialization, and so many are connected with it. This field is very well known in the world, in fact it has only been operating on the market for several years and spreads its offer in more and more places. And although the podiatrist is not a doctor, he is a specialist in cosmetology, but he does not deal with the visual issue of the feet, but with healing.


Most of the services are offered privately, hence an increasing number of specialists with their own clinics appear on the market in large cities. However, you can try to perform various treatments at the National Health Fund, but not all of them are qualified here. It is very often difficult to clearly define whether the problem we are struggling with concerns the issue of foot care, as in the case of cosmetology, or already therapeutic.


Until recently, no one had any idea who a podiatrist was and what he did. The first clinics that were created aroused a lot of interest, but also uncertainty, because even if we had a problem with our feet, we did not know if this person was the right one. Today, more and more people use the offers of podiatrists. Podiatrist – what heals? People who have any problems with the feet, those who cause movement problems, who are unable to properly care for feet that suffer from mycosis or hyperhidrosis, should visit the podiatrist.

Podiatry it is also a specialization, thanks to which we can get rid of the problem of ingrown nails, changes on the skin and other problems that prevent us from daily functioning and walking. The podiatrist can reconstruct the nail plate, make a proper foot massage, remove the callous epidermis, get rid of the problem of cracked heels, remove all corns and corns. The scope of work of a podiatrist is really very extensive. At the moment, podiatry is not classified as medicine, although many activities are carried out in this direction to be able to change it. In Poland, there are many schools and podiatry centers that conduct various types of courses, during which participants gain relevant knowledge in the field of both anatomy and biochemistry of the feet, nail structure, and foot care. They will know foot diseases, learn how to deal with them and how to solve problems of many patients. So if we ask ourselves the fundamental question: a podiatrist – what kind of doctor is this, we must realize that it is not a doctor, but a specialist whose task is to ensure the comfort of our feet that guarantees painless and pleasant walking and everyday functioning.


One of the issues in podiatry is removing the changes that appear on them. Very often the created changes cause such pain and discomfort that it is impossible to act in this direction, because such action can cause problems with movement, can cause great pain and discomfort, the inability to put on shoes, and in the case of underestimating the problem of fungal, viral and bacterial infections . So when asking yourself questions: how to remove calluses, how to remove warts, or how to remove corns, one should say one thing – go to the podiatrist. Unfortunately, many of us make this fundamental mistake and deal with the changes ourselves. I try to squeeze them, cut them out, use a variety of creams, and this is a really big mistake. If we have a change, we should go to a podiatrist specialist who, having the knowledge, tools and skills, can handle any change that we have on our feet without side effects.

Sometimes it is necessary to apply pharmacological treatment, other times to perform one or more treatments, still others to apply specific solutions aimed primarily at getting rid of the cause of the ailment. If, for example, warts come out, you can try to apply ointments. If these do not help, then you can choose to remove the wart by electricity or freeze it. Much depends on where we do the procedure and in the case of private treatment, how much we can afford it in terms of financial matters.

One thing is certain – if there is something on our feet that causes our discomfort, causes us pain, and that has a negative effect on our locomotor apparatus, then podiatry is a field that should undoubtedly be looked at and that is where we can fully benefit from help. Because putting ourselves in the hands of specialists is the best we can bet on.


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