Today, mobility is very important to us. We buy in online stores, we pay mobile transfers or perform other works. We perform these work via a mobile device, e.g. smartphone or tablet. However, when we need efficient equipment for work, we reach for a laptop. Which model should we choose to meet our expectations? What to consider when choosing a laptop? 


USB ports, RAM disk and CPU


Very few people realize that when choosing a laptop, it is important that it has the right number of USB ports. Often only later it turns out that there are too few of them and they do not meet our needs. Separate ports are needed for connecting flash memory, mouse, external keyboard, modem. It is worth checking before buying whether there are as many of them as you need and how they are arranged. 


Laptops should be efficient. Its performance often depends on the appropriate parameters of the components: disk, RAM and processor. When choosing a processor, it is worth investing a little more in one of the Intel models: i3, i5, or i7. Of course, you can choose the cheaper counterpart among Celerons or energy-saving Atoms. Of course, it may bother us after a while and we can say that they are not as fast acting as we thought. A good and often chosen amount of RAM is 4 GB, but for graphics applications a minimum of 8 GB is recommended. RAM can be purchased additionally. However, when you buy a computer, it is worth finding out what is the maximum amount of RAM that can be upgraded later. There are also two types of HDD and SSD that are more expensive. In the case of an SSD drive, we pay extra for speed and shock resistance. When traveling or in other situations, if your computer collapses, your data is safer than it would belaptops that have a HDD.


Matrix and housing quality and battery

A very common problem is the quality of laptop cases . In everyday use, you can come across cracks in the housing or failures related to the hinges. They can be avoided when we pay attention to the construction of the laptop at the very beginning. One of the better materials is carbon and aluminum. Such a laptop will be more durable than the one made of plastic. 


If we are looking for a laptop that will be dedicated to remote work, it is worth spending more time and attention to finding a model with an efficient battery. Laptops that last around 10-12 hours are the best. It’s a good idea to dim the monitor screen, as this will also affect the power saving mode, and at the same time, the longer battery life. The battery in a laptop may break down over time or it may lose its capacity, so take a good look at the offer of power banks or backup batteries. It is worth having them always with you, because we can always take them out and have the opportunity to continue working.


When buying a laptop, compare the prices in different stores because they are competitive. Sometimes we have the option of buying an extended warranty package. We should also remember that a computer must be bought wisely because it is a tool for work. If it is operational, we will avoid stress and technical problems.


Where to buy a laptop?


Of course, laptops , and especially their choice, is a difficult decision. Convenience and appearance are important because we will work on it every day. It is necessary to ensure that our work is pleasant and comfortable. It is worth looking at the offers of stationary stores, but it is also good to check the websites of online stores. In the stationary, we can touch the laptop, check how it works. We can pick it up and see how much it weighs. It is also worth opening and closing it, thanks to which we will check how the hinges work. Check the keyboard, how to write on it, and if it is comfortable. Sometimes there are different spacing of the keys, it is also important if it suits us. Such details can be very irritating later on.

Will it be cheaper to buy online? If you know what model of laptop you like and find it cheaper in the online store, it does not matter whether you buy it online or stationary. It does not matter where the store is located, at least when it comes to the warranty – you can use it directly from the manufacturer, just have the proof of purchase. It is not necessary to deliver the laptop in person to the store where we bought it. We can also do it via courier. In addition, the purchase of a laptop from a distance also has its advantages, because we have the right to return it up to 14 days without giving a reason. If you decide that the laptop does not suit you, you can give it back. If you do not trust online stores or you are afraid to order remotely, check out retail chains where you can also find laptops in the electronics section. The seller should help and advise you. You can also search the internet for stores that are also based in your area. Thanks to this, you can order online and pick up on the spot. Then you will check if the laptop suits you and you will avoid unpleasant surprises.


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