One of the most popular forms of spending free time is playing games, and while many people choose desktop consoles for this purpose, the market for PC titles is the most flourishing. Everyone has a computer, especially nowadays, and PC games can be purchased in many different ways. In this article, we will focus on how to choose a game for us and where to buy it to pay as little as possible.


We do not have an easy task when buying a PC game . Not only do we have access to tens of thousands of titles (not only the newest, but also classic ones, even several decades ago), but we also have to choose one that meets our expectations. Nowadays, almost everyone can create their own game, which additionally hinders our search, making it necessary for us to dig through a whole lot of titles that do not necessarily deserve our attention. Therefore, in our search, let us pay attention to:

  • species – this is the basis; we have to determine if we are looking for an adventure game or rather we aim at racing, if we want to taste the action or if we want to use gray cells; all this will make it possible to “initial screen” and narrow the field of search;
  • community ratings – it is worth paying attention to which titles are currently “hot” and which are most appreciated by the community; Fortunately, it will be easier for us to integrate the review system into each digital distribution platform – while it is certain that not everyone likes the same, user feedback is something we can definitely take into account;
  • hardware requirements – PC games do not work with all hardware; So if we already have a computer that is over a dozen years old, not every title can work properly on it (sometimes it will not start at all). Therefore, it is worth determining what equipment we have, and our choice depends on it;
  • size – almost every PC game forces us to download it online, and although everyone has the Internet, it does not work fast for everyone; so let’s pay attention to how much the game weighs to know how long we are getting involved; also remember that the size must fit within the capacity of our computer’s disk – if it is too big, the game will simply not install on it;
  • price – competition on the computer games market is so big that it is simply worth browsing the offers of competing online stores, but also using the options offered by price comparison websites; you can often save on it, and although 10 zlotys of savings may seem small to us, 10 zlotys from each purchased game can bring us another after a few purchases; for free;
  • age classification – if we want to buy a game for a child, let’s see if the one we chose is just right for him – the PEGI system will help us in this, which indicates the recommended age based on several basic factors (including violence present in its framework) ).


While a dozen or so years ago the only way to get a game for a PC was to buy it in physical form (in a package containing first a CD and then a DVD), today we are slowly moving away from it. More and more distributors of games make them available online as part of the most popular digital distribution services. So in order to find a game for yourself, it’s worth going to the pages of the Steam platform, which offers access to almost all titles – both larger and smaller, from independent developers. A good option also seems to be using other, more alternative systems like GOG. This, in turn, with a very wide and competitive offer for the aforementioned Steam, gives you access to games on your own– unlike Steam, it does not require installation of the client and its presence to run the game. However, it allows for direct download of the installation files of a given title (they can be saved on the disk, thanks to which we are no longer dependent on the platform itself).

Of course, the market for boxed PC games is still not dead, and we still have the option to buy them in this form. Nevertheless, most of the boxes play a more collector’s than practical role – some publishers do not even include a game CD, only enclosing the code for their download on the platforms we mentioned (but also many others, including the recently popular Epic Games Store ).


The computer games market is currently one of the fastest growing. No wonder, because PC games are very popular. When choosing the one for yourself, remember to look at the hardware requirements (not every computer can cope with every game, which is most understandable), but also at the game itself – especially in terms of its genre or main topic. Above all, however, we will choose one digital distribution platform, bearing in mind not only the price of a given title, but also the convenience of using / accessing games through it, or simply other aspects accompanying the purchase of the title within it.



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