Well-groomed underwear: wash delicate fabrics

Zadbana bielizna: pranie delikatnych materiałów

Well-groomed underwear: wash delicate fabrics: Underwear is a special type of garment that requires proper care as it affects the intimate areas. Underwear should always be clean and fresh. What’s more, it should be remembered that not only undesirable impurities such as sweat, but also remnants of balm, oils, perfumes or other types of fluids that we use for body care are deposited on the underwear.

This means that the underwear should be washed as often as possible. However, frequent washing means that women’s underwear can wear out and deteriorate quickly, especially if the woman likes decorative, lace underwear. How to properly take care of underwear? What to pay attention to when washing? About all of this below.

Underwear – how to wash?

At the very beginning, it is necessary to raise the question of whether it is possible to wash the linen in the washing machine, or it is better to avoid it and stay hand-washed. Basically, it all depends on the number of decorations and the delicacy of a given set of underwear. In the case of delicate, decorative panties or bras (e.g. made of silk), hand washing is much safer. It is true that it is time-consuming and often lacks time and willingness to do this type of activity, but if we have elegant, expensive lace underwear, it is worth taking care of it properly.To wash the underwear by hand, pour warm water into the bowl, then add soap flakes or a delicate washing liquid. After the liquid is dissolved in the bowl, put the underwear in it and leave it for about half an hour. After this time, the fabrics can be rinsed.

All dirt should be gone. Remember not to overdo it with the amount of washing liquid. It’s worth sticking to the instructions on the packaging. Too much liquid is difficult to remove from the linen during rinsing and it may happen that residues of the cleaning agent remain on the fabric. Dried liquid may irritate the skin or, in the case of prolonged use of linen with particles of liquid, cause an allergic reaction.After washing the linen, gently squeeze it and let it dry. It should not be tumble dried as this can have a negative effect on some fibers (especially silk, which is an extremely delicate material).

Underwear – what washing program?

Women’s underwear made of strong synthetic materials or natural materials such as cotton or bamboo can be easily washed in the washing machine, although it should not be thrown in with other clothes and washed at high temperatures. Washing your linen at high temperatures and with high spinning speed may lead to the loosening of the fibers and, consequently, the formation of small holes. Fortunately, most modern washing machines have a special washing program designed for delicate fabrics. It is worth using it while washing underwear. Other, older washing machines have a hand wash option. This option also works very well for underwear, although it is always worth reading the manual in advance and checking that the program is suitable for delicate fabrics. You can never be too careful.

Typical women’s underwear requires a washing temperature of no more than 30-40 degrees Celsius. However, the spin speed should not exceed 400-500 revolutions. These are general guidelines, so requirements may be different for different, specific or extremely delicate materials. Therefore, when you buy a new set of underwear, be sure to read the information on the label. One of the good solutions that can help protect the most delicate of underwear is to purchase special laundry bags. Most often they are made of cotton or synthetic material with a loose weave. The pouches protect the ornaments on the underwear from damage. They are also useful when you want to wash other garments that have delicate, lace decorations, e.g.lace bras .

Women’s underwear – which detergent to choose?

We can find many different detergents in stores. Some of them are of better quality, others of worse quality. Some liquids and powders can form white marks on dark clothes, and others are too weak and will not remove the plan. If we do not have a proven, ideal liquid for our needs, it is worth experimenting and comparing different washing agents. It is worth noting that women’s underwear should be washed with liquid detergent. Liquids usually do not leave white marks and are easy to rinse out by hand washing. If we want to save ourselves most of the trouble, we can buy underwear made of the same or similar material. Then you can easily wash everything together. This is the most convenient option.You should also remember to segregate underwear in terms of color. Washing black and white items together can lead to whites graying and blacks fading. If the color of the underwear is not taken care of, even the most beautiful lace will quickly become unsightly.


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