Dlaczego warto posiadać ubezpieczenie ocp?

It is worth having something that guarantees the carrier’s insurance for non-performance or improper performance of the contract of carriage – in this case the carrier’s ocp – there are various random accidents, we are not able to predict, for example, theft. In addition, people who use the services of the carrier shall ensure that a person who performs a service for them is secured for every possible eventuality. Customers are increasingly avoiding outsourcing transports to uninsured carriers. Each of the insurance companies has a different range of obligations, although in reality their offer does not differ much from each other. Most insurance companies protect the insured against the effects of destruction or damage to goods as a result of an accident, breakdown, fire or theft from a guarded parking lot. Of course, the carrier and the driver of the vehicle have a number of obligations, the failure of which results in unpaid compensation. However, there are also such companies that guarantee protection even when the damage was caused by an intentional or grossly culpable act, i.e. the driver’s negligence.

Is such insurance very expensive?

Carrier’s liability insurance is not a fixed amount, because insurance companies often use different rules for calculating the insurance premium. The premium is usually calculated on the basis of the annual net turnover from transport services – the higher the company’s profit, the higher the insurance premium. The guaranteed sum of the insurance must cover the full value of the materials that are transported in one shipment or the value recorded on the consignment note. Fortunately, the insurance price can sometimes be negotiated. Insurance companies also often specify the carrier’s own share in the damage. Excess policies can often be cheaper, but in the event of damage, the trader covers some of the losses.

Carrier ‘s liability insurance is undoubtedly something important – everyone who owns a logistics company should buy a policy for the good of their company and for customers who are aware of them and ask for accident insurance more often.

Before buying a policy, be sure to check the list of exclusions from the scope of basic insurance, i.e. the eventuality in which the insurance company will not pay compensation. Usually this applies to the use of a broken car, handing over the goods to an unauthorized person, improper loading or arrangement of goods, driving a vehicle by a drunk or unauthorized person, hidden defects of goods or their natural properties, entry into certain countries, confiscation or forfeiture of goods, vehicle parking outside guarded car parks.

Where to look for an insurance company?

There are many carrier’s ocp offers on the Polish market . In the event of an accident, they function differently and provide the participant with different levels of protection. It is worth getting acquainted with all the options that may apply to you – choose the best one and enjoy safe transport.

If you have any doubts, it is worth reading a bit about policies on the Internet and using calculators to calculate the amount you will have to pay for the insurance.

Carrier’s liability for goods and insurance.

Of course, that in many cases insurance is concluded with some compulsion, it is debatable whether it is useful. Contracts and insurance companies have many disadvantages that become visible only after the damage occurs. And when it turns out that the insurance is not well included, it often involves many problems and financial losses. It is a pity, therefore, that few carriers care about the correct scope of their insurance. Carrier’s liability insurance should be a priority in every company – not only because of our benefits, but also the benefits of people ordering transport.

insurance companies even shout over the scope of their insurance. It is most appropriate to suggest optimal and relatively safe conditions of the policy, and whether they will be acceptable to insurance companies, will depend on the negotiating power of the intermediary and also the financial capacity of the carrier. To begin with, there are a few specific topics that need to be dealt with: the sum insured, the scope of insurance, the subcontracting clause and the standstill clause. It depends on them whether they will help after the damage has occurred.

Look for the best and most profitable insurance companies in the area , thanks to which you will be sure that nothing bad will happen with your and your clients’ items. You must know that there are many companies on the market that offer you policies – choose wisely, it’s all about your finances.


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