Women’s shirt – how to choose the one that will be the most universal?

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Women’s shirt – how to choose the one that will be the most universal? In many ways, men have it much easier than women in terms of fashion, and their choice of clothing is much easier. This is the case with the shirt. While for a man it is enough that he likes it and has the right size for him (usually just a fitting one), a woman’s shirt must meet many other conditions. Especially if it is chosen for a specific occasion. So what should you pay attention to when buying it? What is the most important thing about this type of shirt? Finally, what are the occasions for which a woman can wear a shirt? We will try to explain all these things in our article.

Women’s shirt – for what occasions?

Looking at what a women’s shirt looks like and thinking about what occasion it could be worn on, my mouth is filled with “everything”! This is partly true, because the shirt is one of the most universal elements of women’s wardrobe. It will work, among others, on the occasion of:

  • office work, in which its elegance will prevail – here it is worth focusing on simple colors and a cut typical for the office, but it is not a necessity (every woman’s shirt is accepted in this social convention);
  • going out with friends – then you usually reach for a sports shirt;
  • business outings where you need to look elegant and professional.

What to wear a shirt with?

The most common, especially this season, use of a women’s shirt (especially the one in a sports cut) is to combine it with jeans and high heels. It works well in office stylizations, but also in meetings with colleagues from work. It is elegant, but at the same time expresses self-confidence. The shirt can also be easily combined with a skirt, but also with other types of pants. Let us also remember that it does not always have to be let in. Everything here depends on our individual taste, but also on the occasion. Elegant jackets, also those with more intense colors, perfectly coexist with the shirt.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a shirt?

Women’s shirt, contrary to all appearances, is not the easiest to choose. All because the market offers a lot of their models, each of which tempts with something completely different. Although it is best to bet on simplicity here, it is not enough for all of us. The important thing in all this is that we can feel comfortable in the shirt we choose – regardless of its size, color or pattern. While in itself it enhances a professional and elegant appearance, it will not help with a lack of self-confidence. However, he is able to emphasize it. Here are a few things to consider when choosing it.

1. Size

The most important thing in a women’s shirt is its appropriate size – it determines the comfort of wearing it, but also the final appearance. A women’s shirt cannot be too small or too big. In the first case, it may turn out to be uncomfortable, but it may also show a tendency to show underwear or body. This is not acceptable. On the other hand, an oversized shirt looks inelegant.

2. Color and pattern

In the wardrobe of every woman there should be at least one classic shirt, i.e. one in white or black. It is the most universal and works in almost every case. However, it is also worth having a few shirts with a bolder pattern (for example, striped shirts are great), but also unusual, even very bright and expressive colors. Although they are not suitable for every occasion, there are many situations in which they will prove to be perfect.

3. Fashion

The cut of the shirt actually defines its final appearance. It is best to adapt it to our figure in such a way as to complement our shortcomings and highlight our advantages. There are many models of shirts on the market, but it is worth having not only the typical business ones, but also semi-official and sports ones.

4. Material of workmanship

A very important thing, because it affects the wearing comfort to the greatest extent. Women most often decide on viscose and polyester shirts, guided only by their low price. We cannot assume that every shirt is the same – even a few white shirts can be completely different from each other if each of them was made on the basis of a different material. The safest option is to go for the classics – we will certainly not regret choosing a 100% cotton shirt that will let us feel light, will let air through (important in situations where we sweat a lot), but also will not irritate our skin when worn all day.


A women’s shirt is something that should be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting woman. It is an extremely versatile piece of clothing, and depending on the application, it can be elegant or loose, even sporty. It also leaves no doubt that it is also a simple option to go out, whether it’s business or with friends. Simple because it goes with everything. So it can easily act as a fashion rescue board. This is how it is treated by many women.

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