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Jewelry trends: Every year, depending on the season, trends change not only in terms of fashion, but also jewelry, then silver jewelry stores try to choose the best assortment to be up-to-date, and customers found the most fashionable accessories in a given period, thanks to which they gain new customers and keep a regular clientele without any problems. Many of the trends are hard to transfer straight from the catwalks to everyday life, just as in fashion, but you can get inspired when choosing accessories for different occasions. What trends are preparing for the upcoming season?

Long silver earrings are total madness, and they are really long, over 10 centimeters, in most cases in jewelry stores you can find the most models that are based on a pin end with a pearl, from which long chains come out, which will look the most effective with tied hair, showing and thus emphasizing the necks and collarbones on which they will fall.

The hot trend with this element is asymmetry, i.e. wearing a long earring only in one ear. On the other hand, in the second one there is a short stick, referring to the earring on the other side. Round earrings of the circle type will also return to favor after a short break. The most fashionable will be those with a really large diameter. In this case, both gold and silver will work perfectly. It is good to combine such jewelry with open shoulders, all white or light-colored shirts, not buttoned up to the neck. Or even uniform turtlenecks, thanks to which you can even slimmer the figure?

Another hit are large rings that cover up to half of the finger. They use a motif taken directly from the crown of trees, i.e. leaves, all forms and shapes of leaves in golden or silver forms, will be perfect as an original accessory. Monstera leaves have been a great inspiration for many designers, which is why they are most often found on the windows of jewelry stores this season. They match perfectly with jackets in the color of bottle green, navy blue and black. It revives thick sweater styles in winter.

Chokers are still present at the displays of jewelry stores, these ribbons in various colors, usually made of velvet, you can hang various pendants. However, not only velvet, if heck, even those made of metal will work for people who like fashion. Metal, stone-studded neck collars that break the proportions are in the trend. A multitude of necklaces is also a current trend. Ideally, you should hang a few celebrity-style necklaces around your neck. The craze for all circles, small patterns and pendant elements is still going on. Here it is best to choose large necklines to optically extend the necks even more. V necklines will also work very well.

Gold, which is timeless in jewelry stores, can now be found in a new version, not only a yellowish, straw shade. The shop windows are highlighted by black gold, which is made of an alloy of gold and silver, greenish gold, rose gold that has reigned for several seasons, and even shades of white and milk gold. This metal is so versatile and timeless that it suits any type of outfit. The only thing you need to be careful about is the shade, so choose it so that it does not emphasize imperfections.

Brooches are something that will return to favor. Their history goes back to ancient times, yet no one will refuse them that they help to present elegant and stylish, this small accessory can change the entire styling. Pearls, which we associate rather with grandmothers, return in a modern, more refreshed version. They can be found in jewelry stores of various colors. Pearls with a dark color will become extremely fashionable, as they bring out the depths of the iris of the eye. Not only clung to the lapels of the jacket, but also on handbags, scarves or even at the neck of the shirt collar instead of a velvet ribbon. They will give style and elegance to every woman.

If the bracelets, then only the large and wide-shaped ones, they will work great, you do not have to worry about the glamor and exaggeration this season, minimalism is a thing of the past, a lot is to be done. Such models can be combined with earrings like a circle, or even necklaces or the aforementioned damn. the world of fashion is completely crazy about them.

Regardless of what trend we like the most, we must not forget about our individual style and taste, thanks to him, in a given styling, we feel ourselves and not a disguised person. Therefore, when shopping in jewelry stores, it is worth not to get carried away by the prevailing trends. Because jewelry is an accessory that we usually buy for years, not just for a given season.


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