What should we know about wakesurfing?

Co powinniśmy wiedzieć o wakesurfingu?

What should we know about wakesurfing? Despite the fact that wakesurfing is a relatively young sport, it is rapidly gaining popularity. It is the perfect entertainment for hot days, as well as for all those who love the thrill. What exactly is wakesurfing? How to prepare for wakesurfing? What are wakesurfing boards? What tricks are worth recommending? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

What is wakesurfing?

If we decided to define wakesurfing, we could come to the conclusion that it is a water sport in which we follow the boat, standing on a special board. We are directly pulled by the boat using the appropriate line. Wakesurfing is quite similar to classic surfing, but in this case special boards are used that have been designed in such a way that they are fully effective. Amateurs should equip themselves with neoprene wetsuits to maximize their own safety. Contrary to appearances, learning wakesurfing is not the most complicated. The whole process starts with the launch from the jetty. Our goal is to stay on the board. At the beginning of our adventure with this sport, it is worth contacting an instructor who will pass on his knowledge to us. It will pay attention to how we place our hands, when we straighten up, and when we should bend our legs in order to properly transfer the weight of the body on the board. After the first few classes, we are left with only a matter of practical exercises, because we have already mastered all the basics.

How to prepare for wakesurfing?

Contrary to appearances, wakesurfing is not a demanding sport when it comes to the right equipment. It will not happen without a specialized wakesurfing board, which we will tell you more about later in the article. There is no denying that in this case, the right clothing is a very important issue. We must not forget to maintain constant thermal comfort. Therefore, it is worth equipping yourself with neoprene wetsuits. However, their choice is not the easiest, because in stores we will find many different copies. We should be guided primarily by the temperature of the water. In the case of more favorable weather conditions, short neoprene wetsuits with cut sleeves and legs are recommended. In the case of lower water temperature, full neoprene wetsuits are definitely the most reasonable solution.

Choose the right motorboat

The right motorboat plays an important role in wakesurfing. Let us remember that in order to start this sport, we do not have to buy a new boat, but it is worth knowing what they should be characterized by. A definite pioneer in this field is the popular company MasterCraft, which specializes in water sports. We certainly want motor boats to show their power. It is worth knowing that for such fun to take place at all, it will not be possible without waves with appropriate parameters. That is why there are special systems that allow you to control the water that is “spit out” from under the motorboat. Using a special panel, the configuration that interests us is launched. We have a choice of long waves, short waves, as well as low and high waves.

What are wakesurfing boards?

It is worth realizing that in addition to the neoprene foam, which is responsible for maintaining the right body temperature, the right board for wakesurfing is also important. First of all, it provides us with the maximum level of fun. Anyone who has ever practiced this sport is surely well aware that wakesurfing boards are different from the rest. First of all, at first glance, they are a bit shorter than the standard surfing ones. Their shape is quite similar, despite everything, in many cases it is slightly different to make the ride even more comfortable. They have a slightly raised nose, which, however, is narrower than the tail. If we decided on a wakesurfing board that is symmetrical on both sides, then we can decide to perform spectacular tricks. Thanks to the appropriate construction, the wakesurfing board will ensure safe movement on the water.

Some popular tricks worth learning

Among the tricks on wakesurfing boards we can include: pumpung, floater, spray, posing, hang 5, 180 spin, airs, 360 spin, tubing it, rail grabs, and many others that are certainly not the easiest. For example, 180 and 360 spin consists in turning on the board by the appropriate number of degrees. Airs is about launching your board into the air and then landing it safely on your toes or heels. As for the floater, at the end of the trick, both the rider and the board are “floating” on top of the lift.

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