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Interior design is a very important issue in every room in which people stay, regardless of whether it is a residential building or a service premises, we always care about an aesthetic finish, consistent with its purpose and the style prevailing in other rooms. It is important to start decorating the room with matching the colors of the walls. There are many possibilities when it comes to this area. You can choose monochrome colors and use traditional wall paints. However, a cool and interesting idea is to use wallpapers that in their modern edition are currently undergoing their renaissance in interior design. Wallpapering rooms allows for a quick and fairly low-cost way to obtain a refreshed effect in the entire building. Single stripes of wallpaper can give the whole room a new, fresh character.


Wallpapers are one of the oldest ways to finish the interior, who of us does not remember the old wallpaper rooms of our grandmothers, where all walls were dominated by one pattern, but do not worry. Such solutions are a thing of the past. Currently, a very fashionable solution is to cover only one wall in the room with wallpaper, for example, obtaining the effect of exposed Prussian brick, which looks extremely effective in industrial interiors.

Fashionable and modern wallpapers can be a natural decoration of a room or just an element complementing the decor. Currently, there are many patterns and colors of wall wallpapers on the market, from single-color to patterned or imitating a given texture. A good idea for interior design is to combine wall wallpapers in contrast, one wall is darker, the rest are light, or vice versa. One wall with wallpaper in an intense pattern also looks very stylish and elegant in living rooms or bedrooms, while the rest of the walls are covered with a light color, which is the background for such a strong element. Currently, wallpapers can be used anywhere in the building. Over time, it has even become possible to wallpapering rooms such as bathrooms, as wall papers have become resistant to moisture and fluctuating temperatures.

A good and practical way is to cover a damaged wall, for example in the kitchen, by splashing grease with wall wallpaper that matches the rest of the interior. Thanks to this, you can limit the scope of works during renovation to a minimum because you do not have to remove the plaster before painting the walls. It is enough to cover this ugly element with wallpaper.

Wallpapers are quite often common element in all kinds of service outlets, type hairdressers or beauty salons. All this is due to the effect that can be achieved with them without much effort. Depending on the idea, you can get any decor you want thanks to wall wallpapers.


The types of wallpaper patterns do not have any boundaries. You can still find classic wallpapers on the market, stripes, flowers, circles and geometric patterns, but more and more often you can find wall murals in the style of photo wallpapers in stores offering an assortment for interior design, brick wall, Barlinek board or wall parquet. They perfectly imitate all these elements and allow you to quickly achieve the effect of a cozy interior. More and more often you can find wallpapers with different textures, which, when properly lit, give a three-dimensional effect. In children’s rooms, wall murals with characters from fairy tales will work best. However, when dealing with such patterns, one should be careful not to fall into the admiration of a momentary fashion for a given fairy tale, it is better to choose patterns from the so-called classics of the genre, which will work for the first few years of a child’s life. Any patterns with flowers, airplanes or cars, as well as animals will be a great solution. The same as themed licensed photo wallpapers.

Regardless of what wallpaper we choose, it is worth remembering that modern materials differ from those from a few years ago, for example in the technique of execution, so they can be easily installed and possibly torn off the walls without worrying about their technical condition after such treatment. Decisions about gluing wall wallpapers should always be carefully considered and check whether the selected pattern matches the rest of the room’s decor, because nobody wants to replace the entire furniture just because of the color of the walls. It is worth betting on patterns, but the subdued classic will always remain in the price, especially when it comes to interiors. Durable and aesthetic solutions guarantee quality for many years and no need for further renovations in the near future. At least not of one’s own will, but necessity.


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